You made it!  Welcome! This blog was intended to share my journey and secrets that I’ve learned along my own pathway to find financial success.  Not only does it take hard work, sweat and tears to make money and fight off debt, it’s also important to keep a healthy body and mind while trying to reach financial freedom.  Debt and Sweat will discuss mostly finance topics as well as how to make money blogging.

My story –

My name is Erin and I’m a finance obsessed, entrepreneurial, self proclaimed IT nerd, somewhat frugal, adventure seeker, “will try anything once” kinda gal.  I’ve spent years researching and trying different ways to make money online. I’ve had some duds and some completely huge successes!  I’ll tell you about those later.

I’m the kind of girl that my friends were always wondering “what’s she up to now? Why in the world is she doing that? Has she lost her mind??”.  I’m the kind of girl who people thought was crazy by taking some of the risks I have taken when later on they see me move across the country to my dream beach town because of my so called “crazy” decisions they saw me make a few years earlier.  I’m no longer afraid to make those not so “mainstream” life choices in order to live the extraordinary life I know I can have by trying new things.

I used to be the kind of girl who was terrified of trying something new and taking risks.  I’d stick to my comfort zone until I realized I was going nowhere fast. One day it finally hit me. I only had one life to live and need to make the most of it. I had friends who were assuming they would marry a successful man and that’s the only thing they really saw in their future.  This is NOT how my mind works.  I want to be financially successful on my OWN and not need a man to get me there.  I became an empowered woman and started researching and trying new things.  My goal was to be financially free and successful so that I could be a stay at home mom (if that time ever comes) and not have to worry about going back to work if I didn’t want to.

I’ve started an endless number of small businesses and entrepreneurial adventures along my journey.

Debt and Sweat is a finance and debt blog that will teach you ways to make money online so you can also find your way to a financially free future.